Outpatient rehab Brooksville
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Outpatient rehab Brooksville

Outpatient rehab Brooksville

Solace Behavioral Health is a leading outpatient rehab in Brooksville with a team of highly skilled therapists and mental health specialists. With four branches in Florida and one in North Carolina, we offer the best outpatient therapy for alcohol and drug addiction.

Cost of outpatient rehab

Outpatient programs are best suited for individuals with a mild to moderate level of addiction, and it is much cheaper than inpatient rehab. Typically, outpatient therapy for addiction can cost anywhere from $5,000 - $10,000 for a three-month program. The price you pay for outpatient rehab depends on the type of rehab, its location, the therapies they offer, the severity of your addiction, and the frequency and duration of your sessions.

Remember that the cost of rehab shouldn't stop you from seeking the kind of help you need to overcome addiction. You could end up losing much more with skipping work, losing jobs, incurring huge loans, legal problems, etc., because of your addiction problem. Also, if the cost of rehab is an issue for you, remember that insurance offers coverage for rehab treatment. If you don't own insurance, there are severe state-funded programs and federal government aides available for patients battling addiction. Besides, some rehabs also offer a secure payment option for deserving patients. We are an affordable outpatient rehab in Brooksville with a team of highly experienced therapists.

The efficiency of Spravato in addiction treatment

Spravato is a prescription medication that helps treat depression and other mood-related disorders. Spravato contains a drug called ketamine that helps improve symptoms of co-occurring mental health issues in patients suffering from addiction. Recovering addicts experience a significant improvement in their symptoms within 24 hours after taking their first dose.

It also makes the withdrawal symptoms more easily manageable and reduces cravings in recovering addicts. Spravato helps patients overcome insomnia and enables them to attain sobriety in a safe and pain-free manner.

Different types of outpatient rehab programs

An outpatient rehab program allows patients to continue with their daily routine and responsibilities, and they can live in the comfort of their homes during treatment. Outpatient rehab generally consists of these three programs:

  • Day programs - These programs offer the highest level of care within an outpatient setting. A day program follows a rigid structure, and individuals must commit to therapy on 5-6 days each week for several hours each day.
  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) - IOP is for those with a moderate addiction problem, and it involves a well-defined treatment plan with measurable milestones in place. Our therapists engage patients in a variety of treatments and therapies to help them meet the predetermined milestones.
  • Continued care - We offer ongoing support to recovering addicts to strengthen their commitment to sobriety. These sessions take place weekly once or as often as recovering addicts needs help.

Attain a safe, speedy, and comprehensive recovery from addiction to Solace Behavioral Health. We are a preeminent outpatient rehab in Brooksville, and we use a combination of treatments like meditation therapy, detox, group therapy, Spravato & Ketamine, and Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to treat addiction. Call 1.855.276.5223 for more details or visit https://www.solacebehavioralhealth.com/index.php/services/.

Outpatient rehab Brooksville
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Outpatient rehab Brooksville
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