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Optometrist Minnetonka

Optometrist Services in Minnetonka

At Wink Family Eye Care, nestled in the heart of Minnetonka, Minnesota, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of optometry services tailored to meet the needs of every member of your family. From the youngest to the eldest, our mission is to provide exceptional eye care that ensures a lifetime of healthy vision.

Our Core Services

Eye Exams and Vision Testing

Routine eye exams and vision testing form the cornerstone of our practice. With advanced diagnostic technology, we meticulously assess your vision and eye health, identifying any potential issues before they become problematic.

Contact Lens Fittings and Glasses Prescriptions

Whether you prefer glasses or contact lenses, our personalized fittings ensure you receive the most comfortable and effective solution for your vision needs. Our extensive selection of designer frames and specialty contact lenses cater to every lifestyle and preference.

Eye Health Management

  • Pediatric Eye Care: Starting eye care early is crucial. We offer specialized services for children, ensuring their vision development is on the right track.

  • Treatment of Eye Conditions: From dry eye syndrome to more complex conditions like glaucoma, our experts provide targeted treatments to manage and alleviate symptoms.

  • Refractive Surgery Co-Management: Considering LASIK? Our comprehensive consultations help determine if you're a candidate, and our co-management ensures you're supported every step of the way.

Advanced Diagnostic and Treatment Options

Specialized Eye Care Services

  • Dry Eye Treatment: Utilizing the latest in dry eye therapy, we offer relief and long-term solutions for those suffering from dry eye discomfort.

  • Low Vision Services: For patients with significant vision loss, our low vision services aim to maximize remaining vision, enhancing quality of life.

  • Optomap Imaging: This advanced imaging technology allows for a comprehensive view of the retina, aiding in the early detection of eye conditions.

  • Orthokeratology: A revolutionary non-surgical procedure that corrects vision while you sleep using specially designed contact lenses.

Proactive Vision Care

  • Myopia Control: Our myopia control programs are designed to slow the progression of myopia in children, utilizing the latest research and technologies.

  • Vision Therapy: Tailored programs to improve visual skills, enhancing learning, and daily activities.

Comprehensive Eye Health Screenings

Preventative care is paramount at Wink Family Eye Care. Our comprehensive screenings for glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and diabetic eye exams ensure that any potential problems are caught early, leading to better outcomes.

Emergency Eye Care

Eye emergencies can happen at any time. Our dedicated team is equipped to handle urgent eye care needs, providing swift and effective treatment to alleviate discomfort and prevent further damage.

Why Choose Wink Family Eye Care in Minnetonka?

At Wink Family Eye Care, we are more than just an eye clinic; we are a part of the Minnetonka community. Our dedication to delivering the highest standard of eye care is matched by our commitment to patient education and empowerment. We believe in building lasting relationships with our patients, providing a warm, welcoming environment where all your eye care needs are met.

From the latest in eyewear fashion to cutting-edge treatment options, our Minnetonka location is fully equipped to serve you and your family. Experience the difference at Wink Family Eye Care, where your vision and eye health are our top priority.

Whether you're scheduling your first visit or returning for a follow-up, we invite you to join our Wink Family Eye Care community. Together, let's ensure a future of bright and healthy vision for you and your loved ones.

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